Monday, August 3, 2009

"Steal my kisses from you"...

Brief update on the block...
My good buddy James is looking into the reason why ONE (yes, there is only one) block resident/loiterer does not like me...Haha...James thinks everyone should like me and I concur ;)
I also woke up this morning bright and early at 5am (Thank you Lord for a Gorgeous morning!) to hear a voicemail from one of my block friends...He sang "I always have to steal my kisses from you" into my voicemail. LOL! That was hilarious. This also serves as a prime reason why the corner stores in 501 should ban the sales of 40oz. singles :) hahaha! But it made for a good laugh.

The search for a house is still on going!

In other news:
I have been sponsoring Vinoria Nampemba through World Vision for a little over a year now. I just got a new picture of her and an update on her health status, grades, activities, et al. She looks completely different! She just celebrated her 8th birthday and is a healthy little girl. I will post the pictures once I've had a chance to scan them...In the mean time I am super excited to say that there is a way I can donate more money to World Vision. Every time I mention HotelsCombined on my blog, they will donate 20$ towards the charity of my choice. This is a pretty ingenious idea. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on advertising, they are using word of mouth and charity donations. What that means is, they are donating to a charity of my choice when I advertise for them :)The basis summary of who they are: "Hotelscombined is the world's leading accommodation meta-search engine in terms of inventory and prices. We index the most hotels out of any other hotel price comparison website, and find the best price listed across more than 30 major websites. Using us, you don't need to visit different websites one by one to compare rates. We do it for you"

IF you have a charity you would like for them to donate to as well please check out their facebook page for more information...or their website.

Have a WONDERFUL day my dear bloggies :)

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