Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wedding bells!

no... not mine, sorry dad ;)

Anyifa and Tati got married last Saturday. It was a great experience to see some of the same traditions I know for weddings but mostly a lot of new ones. One of which is AWESOME! the gifts are presented to the bride and groom at the bridal party the night before the wedding (co-ed, at the church at the end of the ceremony and again at the reception. But this is the best part. The guests must DANCE the gifts up to the couple to some hip moving music. THE BEST! If I ever decide to get married. I'm doing this... get ready to shake it Grandma. But some of you... and you know who you are. I'm gonna need you to keep it to just a simple 1,2 step and snap ;) haha..
yes... you know who you are.

We all had matching (fabric) clothes made. Since we get to pick what we want made, the sky is the limit for creativity. I have seen some really cool dresses and even mens shirts (and pants!). These women here can sew anything. ANYTHING! They are so talented. Mama Annette made my dress after we designed it together. I wanted a simple african style. She may be the most beautiful woman I've ever met. Her heart makes her even more beautiful in person. Again... her story blows my mind. She is a champion. 

Chad is from Boston. Chad is a crazy handful. 

Camille looks like the luckiest man alive ;) 

After the church wedding, we all go change into our dresses that make it easier to dance... cause an African wedding does not exist without some serious dance moves. It was a dance party like you would not believe. So naturally, I loved it! 
Me, Vicky and Chad enjoying the wedding party

Waiting for the party to start. Chad taking a picture 
of me taking a picture.

A view of the bridal table (Camille and Esther are sitting there) and their 
bridal party sitting behind them with no table... 

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