Monday, May 11, 2009

innocence of hide and seek

My sister in law called the other day to tell me a story...Becky ran up stairs for a minute to get something while Abby was playing in the living room with her toys. Becky got halfway down stairs after about 1.25 minutes and realized the house was dead quiet. She said her heart has never pounded so fast. She said "Abby!!" and then from the armoire came a scream and a laugh as Abby pushed the doors open to reveal her hiding place. Abby (my vivacious and beautiful niece) had never hidden in there before and this has fast become her new favorite spot.
I went over and baby sat my niece last night after I got back to DC. She decided to sneak in there while I was sitting in the same room with her. Of course later in the evening when I had my video ready, I told her we should play hide and seek. She went to hide as I counted to is so precious and hilarious to hear her little voice on this's also such a beautiful example of a child's innocence! turn up your speakers so you can hear...but wait until I finish counting to 10 ;)

If you can't decipher what she is saying...she "wants to see Abby"...she likes to watch video's of herself :)