Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Man of my dreams

I've made a few check lists over the years...some while I was single; some during a relationship to remind me of what I don't want in the next one... I have prayed for these qualities and characteristics and am quite confident that God will provide the perfect man for me and thus there is no need to rush it on my own. Sooooo! I thought I'd take the time to share some of them with all my friends...Because I may have just found that man!

These are in no particular order... I want a man that has a sense of humor. One that is not afraid to wear a vintage outfit when he's not bringing home the bacon in the corporate world (just kidding, he doesn't need to be corporate). He needs to be a guy comfortable to wear sunglasses inside or out...and someone who loves to dance. I mean really know how to move. If he can play the air guitar that's just a bonus. I like semi long hair (no mullet, but just on the verge). I want someone outgoing...ya' know, not afraid to have a good time in public or just talk to anyone he meets. age really isn't much of a factor...SO! with all that said, if anyone knows this man (and as long as he's not freakin' married)...send him my way!!

ROFL!! Seriously, that's not really my list...there's a lot more than "plays a mean air guitar"... ;)

It's been fairly quiet on the block this week and I was out of town all weekend. I did see one of my favorite drug dealers yesterday (let's call him Karl). He told me he's been in the hospital because he was stabbed buying a car battery at the auto zone on 4th and Rhode Island Ave, NE (A big shout out to my lighthouse host Heather!!). I responded with "shut up Karl, you know you were runnin' with scissors again and are just trying to look bad in front of your friends"...of course they all laughed; we chatted for a while, I asked more details - he showed me his puncture wound...yep looks like a shiv to me.
He told me he had about $280 on him...so I told him I was going to buy a mask (a pink one of course) and come rob him because I needed some money. He struggled to laugh as I pretended to "mug" him. He said the blade missed the vital organs and he is slowly recovering. His slow movements and weakened state didn't keep him from asking me when I was going to cook supper for him so we can hang out...(It seems to be a pattern for guys I talk to in my neighborhood, right John?). I told him I'm not home much. I'll cook him some thing, pack it in a Tupperware bowl and record some conversation so he could still talk to me while he ate alone ;)
Ironically he laughed at that also...I don't think he realizes I'm serious!


  1. by saying "favorite drug dealer" I don't mean that I buy from him...or that I condone drug dealing...but of all the drug dealers I know, he's my favorite...ummm, I'll just put my foot back in my mouth for now

  2. Lol to your comment. It's cool, I got cha!

  3. Sure, sure. Just keep talking and maybe you'll tell us the real story. LOL. :)